The Meeting

The Boots and Koskella Labs will host the 2nd Bay Area Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (BAEEID) meeting at University of California, Berkeley on February 29th, 2020.

This 1-day conference will provide undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty an opportunity to present and gather feedback on their latest research, propose new research directions, and build connections with local collaborators.

This meeting is an annual event hosted by rotating institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. For information on previous meetings, see here.

Our Sponsors

BAEEID 2020 is sponsored by Berkeley’s Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases. Their generous contribution is allowing us to offer registration waivers to make the meeting more accessible.

Our Mission

Infectious disease is an increasing threat to global public health, and the complexity of disease dynamics necessitates a clear understanding of their ecology and evolution. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many research programs in the ecology and evolution of infectious disease. However, there is little interaction or collaboration between groups at different institutions.

The National Science Foundation recognizes that increasing collaboration among researchers is as critical for ‘advancing a field’ and ‘creating new directions in research’ as funding individual researchers, as demonstrated by their recent investment in Research Coordination Networks (RCNs). We believe that increasing communication among research groups in the Bay Area and developing a strong, local collaborative network is a prime opportunity to advance our field. Further, due to our geographical proximity, we can do so effectively at a fraction of the cost of an RCN award.

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